I created today a new project with twelve travel related widgets that are useful when you travel in Germany. This took me only a couple of hours (most of this was to write documentation). It would be great if other people could provide other country specific travel widgets.

We've had discussions about which widgets qualify for the catalogs and how we handle country specific widgets. While these widgets can provide value for local people they'd make it harder to find good widgets for many other people.

So until we'll have a country filter I've put four of the twelve widgets in the catalog which can be used also outside of Germany and the remaining widgets in a project.

Widget for Flightstats - Flight Status
Widget for Yahoo Babelfish - Text Translation
Widget for Gocurrency - Euro to US Dollar Conversion
Widget for Gocurrency - US Dollar to Euro Conversion

Widget for Lufthansa - Flights in GER
Widget for Deutsche Bahn - Railway in GER
Widget for Cker.name - Time in GER
Widget for Wetter - Weather in GER
Widget for ADAC - Traffic in GER
Widget for Map24 - Maps in GER
Widget for Tagesschau - News in GER
Widget for Xing - Business Network in GER

Here is the project with all widgets and here is the documentation. You can download the zip file with all widgets here.

Example: Flights

A picture named M2

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