The project Cebulon is some kind of a sandbox to try (and sometimes fail) advanced techniques to use the C-API core functions of Lotus Notes and Domino from Lotusscript. There are a lot of code snippets you can find on the web to open a file dialog or to show a progressbar and so on. But did you ever try to change the settings of a document header or footer in the background using an agent? Not an easy one, is it? The $Header / $Footer items are RichText items and you cannot simply use ReplaceItemValue to modify the content.

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Lotus Notes is a fantastic tool and by accessing some C-API calls you can achieve the aim.
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Download the sample database from the project page and take a look at the code. Maybe you will not understand it immediately. But it is also a good starting point to learn some advanced Lotusscript techniques.

All code in the sample works on Windows and Linux. Have a MAC? No problem, it's open source and you are invited to modify the code to work on the MAC. Join the project and make your contribution.

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