As requested we've deployed the new teamroom template on You can now try the teamroom with some sample data online.

A picture named M2

Mark Leusink and Patrick Kwinten are working together on the OpenNTF project Bildr. Mark blogged about how they use the SVN server on OpenNTF and what they had to do to set up the environment.

Amanda Bauman blogged that the Lotus product XPages forums have gotten an upgrade. She also writes about the plans to open source this template:

"The XPages Forums project is open for you to contribute your ideas for new features, and to report issues with the forums. Visit: and start sharing your ideas now. We are working on our plans to publish the Lotus product XPages Forums template on Our plans will include how you can participate in a collaborative development effort to help improve the forums."

Ferry Kranenburg has released a new version of his XPages Dojo Login Control with a fix for IE9. He volunteered again to deploy it to OpenNTF.

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