Normally for a Friday review I would go through all new releases since the last time, however there has been so many and with Lotusphere work in full swing we will instead do a "Year in Review" of projects over the holidays/in the new year. If you have any particular projects you like from this year then drop us an email and we will highlight those.

You can also view the "live" latest releases here.

Lotus Awards
Don't forget for Lotusphere in January 2010 there will be two new Open Source Lotus Awards:

1. Best Open Source Contribution by an Individual(s) (up to 2)
2. Best Open Source Contribution by a Business Partner

Nominations are coming in, however we would like many more (and the deadline is January 6th). Read this blog entry for more detail and get your entries in quick.

Lotusphere 2010
OpenNTF's AGM will be held at Lotusphere 2010 in Orlando, details below. Its a public meeting and we will publish a meeting schedule shortly. We would ask anyone who is interested in OpenNTF to please come along.

Meeting Name: Open NTF Annual General Meeting
Date of Meeting/Function: Tuesday, 1/19 – 6pm – 8pm
Hotel: Yacht and Beach Conference Center
Room/Function Area Name: Cape Cod C

Niklas and I will also be presenting on OpenNTF in our session "AD113 - IBM Lotus Notes Discussion Template Next Generation and other OpenNTF Assets", where we will also deep dive on building the discussion template. Outside of speaking duties we will also be in the "Ask the Developers" lab for any queries.

We would also like to request that anyone presenting on application development at Lotusphere give OpenNTF a mention. There's lots of code and examples your audience can benefit from. Any samples,demo's I write I will be placing on OpenNTF so I hope others can follow suit.

Technical Committee
The technical committee is looking for new participants. We did not progress as fast as we would have liked for site updates and the like this year, mainly due to a prioritisation on ensuring there was plenty of good, new content to consume, however also partly down to resource. Contact Niklas or I if you are interested. Between us we probably have a months worth of solid work to get what we would like for the home page, projects and catalogs.

Thank you
Finally I would like to extend a warm thank you to everyone who participated in OpenNTF this year. Plenty of people have put in a lot of work to ensure the projects, code, site and organisation are better than ever, and plenty of people also helped us keep the right course. So have a happy holiday season and here's to an even more successful 2010!

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